Planning And Circuit Design


Engineering – Technology

Recommended Age:

9 and up

                 Workshop Outcomes:

  • Become familiar with the Etihad Innovation Kit and its hardware and software components

  • Learn basic programming concepts

  • Design the schematic design

  • Determine if a circuit or system is working correctly and fix any problems that arise.

  • Develop a circuit involving basic electronic components and conduct experiments

        We bring our workshops to you, where ever you are in the UAE.  
        This includes:
  • Schools

  • Colleges

  • Camps

  • Events

  • Other Locations upon request

  • All workshop materials are included.

           This includes our own innovative hardware and software designed and                             developed for this workshop to enable participants to achieve their learning                   objectives more easily while gaining the maximum benefit from each                               workshop. 

  • Table for instructor

  • At least one table with 4 chairs for every 4 participants

  • 2 power sockets per participant

  • Minimum of 20 students per workshop.