Why Etihad Innovation Center?

We want to empower students with the confidence to innovate, and that’s why we designed and developed the Etihad Innovation Kit – our own unique hardware and software and the first of its kind in the world – packed with innovative learning tools and programs developed specifically for each workshop to maximize the learning experience and motivate learners to reach their full potential.  

Developing 21st Century Skills

Critical Thinking

Students are encouraged to think critically about the world and sharpen their analyzing and logical reasoning skills through projects in Robotics, IOT, AI and more.


Students take part in building engaging and challenging projects from start to finish such as creating 3D objects, building robots and developing IOT solutions.


Students are taught how to experiment and innovate with different types of electronic components such as using sensors and actuators in projects or wiring a circuit in the Planning and Circuit Design workshop.

Problem Solving

Students learn to find solutions to problems as they arise, whether it's a fault in their circuit design or a programming error, and they are constantly pushed to use their creativity to become better problem solvers.


Students with zero programming experience are able to start programming in Python immediately through our simple blocks program while advanced users can sharpen their programming skills using our integrated development environment.

Growth Mindset

Students are challenged to find solutions to real problems and therefore they learn to plan, test and re-test their solutions while learning from their mistakes and improving their performance, abilities and intelligence.

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